Sustainability at Bittium in 2017

Responsibility Organization and Risk Management

The Board of Directors of Bittium Corporation discusses responsibility questions on the basis of the Management Groupīs proposals, and the Audit Committee discusses and prepares responsibility questions.

The Management Group discusses sustainability questions, monitors the effectiveness of sustainability measures and sets targets in the biannual management review. Bittium will specify its responsibility targets and indicators further in 2018. The Management Group is also responsible for implementing responsibility plans and measures in daily business.

Bittium also has a social reponsibility  working group that is responsible for monitoring and the impact assessment of responsibility measures, reporting, and risk management and assessment. The working group has six members: Bittium CEO, Chief Legal Officer, Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Director, Human Resources, CFO and Head of Quality, the Environment and Processes. The responsibility working group holds quarterly meetings and prepares the sustainability report. Bittium management and the Board of Directors review the sustainability report annually.

The sustainability report specifies the applicable methods that guarantee a sufficient level of diligence. The managing of risks related to operations and the operating environment as well as the processes are specified in the Bittium Corporate Governance Statement.

Meeting the Expectations of Interest Groups: Responsible Practices and Systems

Bittiumīs social responsibility is driven by good governance. Bittium has also developed several systems that support the companyīs operations. The table on page 49 describes responsibility practices and systems at Bittium.